Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas!

Can you believe it's Christmas already? It doesn't even feel like Christmas... that may, of course, be because it looks like July outside. I, however, blame it on how crazy finals were for my this semester. I had to, sadly, place my knitting bag in the corner and spend a week without sleep pasting and printing and drawing blah blah blah all of my art boards for my graphic design classes. Also, studying for my other finals was a little version of hell. And then, I had to start Christmas Shopping. It has been difficult.

I wanted to let everybody know I am still alive and frantically trying to get my man sweater completed. Not even time for pictures! All I see is miles of green yarn in front of me.

Merry Christmas again, and to all of the non-Chirstmas people, have a wonderful holiday from work and school and what not!

I will post my doings soon. Enjoy your day!

ps. who knows how those Christmas Letters started anyway? I have read enough 3rd person stories to last me for years!

Thursday, December 09, 2004

I "felt" all warm and fuzzy!

Finals are killing me! So my list of knitting for the rest of the year go as follows

1-Man along sweater! (I finished the whole back piece!)
2- felted slippers for the Grandmas and Aunt
3- Misc little gifts

I never felted before, and it seemed so ominous... however, with the wonderful ONE comment I got (Thank you thank you thank you!), I have started the slippering process! So, with the Fuzzy Feet pattern from and some Lambs Bride Worsted in Purple, I began my journey to felting land.

I tell you what, I think turning the heel is the coolest thing ever, you think your knitting flat, then you look at it, and it is in the perfect cup shape for the heel! Very exciting, I squealed with joy. My Mom is modeling the Before picture slippers. They seem really big for my little grandma feet!

After my exciting jaunt on the felting express, I had these adorable little slippers that look just like little tiny grandma feet! They took a lot longer than the pattern led me to believe! It said check every few minutes, but I had to repeat the agitate cycle like 2 times to get desired size. I do think the slippers are adorable! I think the grandmas will like them, I just have to do the other 2 pairs, then man along until I cant man along any more.

well, back to school projects... *sigh* wish me luck, its all over on the 15th

Sunday, November 21, 2004

It's beginning to look a little manly around here...

Suprise! I have some pictures of my man-along! But this whole post involves esveral important men, and one lonely sweater without a home... *tear*

First off, remember that hat a knit for me dear friend Rob, in Humbolt county? Well, he was so kind as to take a picture for me. Number 356 why he is one of the most wonderful men I know.

Isn't it cute how the background coordinates with the hat?!? I like to tell myself it was planned that way.

Now, this weekend my parents took me to see the Lion King musical in San Francisco as an early birthday present (The big 2-1 on November 30 if anyone is keeping track, more on that another time). And yes, it was wonderful! I have loved the lion kind since I was just a little one, so it was amazing to see it.

That fella is my Daddy! Doesn't he look young and youthful? I was teasing that people might think I was his exprensive escort.

It was a short little jaunt, but guess what I did in the car? I am now comfortable enough with the progress of my back piece to show it off!

Does it look manly to you? I have been knitting him in Cascade 220 in green! on size 8 needles. I really should have gone with a bulkier yarn, but with my 4x4 ribbing and 2x2 ribbing, I didn't want the sweater to look ill-proportioned. And look at that! Arm hole shaping! I'm like the turtle on this piece... slow and steady wins the race

And finally, I was thinking about knitting and felting slippers for my grandmas this year for christmas. If anyone can give me some advice on the best yarn to felt with, and some tips on knitting slippers? Im a little frightened... but determined. Any feedback would be very much appreciated!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

My Leafy Tank!

I really should have posted this, I dunno, like when I came back from Puerto Rico. However, I had previous finished projects to post online. I do find it fitting, however, that I finished a tank while in Puerto Rico.
And don't you just love Hotel bedspreads?

I finished this right after shopping, so you get to see my green shell necklace that I JUST bought like 2 hours before I finished.

Hey, I even look tan! oops, must show the back!

I love working with Classic Elite Premier. It rocks my cute little world. Plus it feels so nice! I do wish, however, I could wear it right away. Darn this rain outside! At least my Pretty in Pink is getting shown off!

Friday, November 05, 2004


Halloween was way too much fun for my own good. Honestly, dressing up is something I started doing like seriously 3 years ago... And it's so much cooler now that I'm older. So here is the Halloween weekend breakdown:

Saturday Night:
A good friend of mine at work, I call him Bryan with a "y," his band was playing a show. Because I love him to death, I went to check it out. Originally, my best friend Justin was going to come up and watch it with me. (sidenote, I tried to convince both Justin and the the ex-boy to dress up as Billy Idol, and neither did. Losers, I swear. However I just found out like a half hour ago, that my good friend Rob (I made the hat for, check my finished projects) was Billy Idol. I swear that boy and I have something in common.) So I dressed up as a Drunk Las Vegas Floozy.

However, because I'm 5'10 and put on like 5 inch heels, it made me so tall, I kinda looked more like a transvestite. So, Justin calls like an hour before the show starts saying he can't come. So I start thinking, I can't go to this show dressed like this alone, I might get arrested, so I changed into jeans and put on my Pixie Wig

so I could get in $2 cheaper and went by myself. I ran into my friend Todd there, and also noticed that Bryan with a "y"s Band, Strifer, has a really hot front man. Like he is very beautiful. 17 and in High school, but still beautiful.

I dressed up to go into work. Long and short of it, I was punk rock, complete with spikes, piercings, and sleeve tattoos. You kinda have to look hard, but you can see it. It was blast, and it was nice hearing form strangers all night, "Damn, baby, you sure look hot like that."

Foxy Grandma Strikes again.

I also finally started my man-a-long sweater. Very excited! However, I'm keeping it a secret until I get farther along.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Pretty in Pink?!?! Where??

Right here, Silly!

my mom took such great artsy photos. I absolutely love this sweater, however it has to be freezing cold out to wear for a duration. Today it stayed on for about 5 minutes to take pictures. See how much I love you?!?!

And just to satisfy your unquenchable thirst...

and just because it has been sooooo long, this is the Simply Marilyn sweater pattern by Debbie Bliss from Interweave Knits Spring 2003. And I used the lovely Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky in Victorian Pink. Looks pretty good, and worn oh so seductively by the lovely Foxy Grandma! I have to earn my name somehow...

Puerto Rico

Oh my gosh, I have never been to anywhere as beautiful as Puerto Rico. I feel in love when I got off the plane. We stayed at the Caribe Hilton. It felt pretty swanky! I managed to even get some studying and knitting done. Shopping was a blast in Old San Juan. Also, we went to the Rain Forest which was the coolest thing ever to walk through.

Did I mention that I got some knitting done too? I sent this picture to my best friend and he couldn't stop laughing.

And I even took homework with me. Lucky me! typing up 2 books in notes. But I got it done.

Old San Juan is very cool! It was really fun going in all the little shops and being a tourist. side note, the street are seriously bright blue cobblestones.

and me and the mom in Old San Juan

The rainforest?? So beautiful!
Hey look at that!

and me standing right in front of what Ponce De Leon's Fountain of Youth! So there I have it, proof I will never grow old. heehee.

It was so much fun, and beautiful and warm! When I got back into Sacramento airport it was raining out *sigh* oh well. Did I mention it was my first time really swimming in the ocean. it was great! I could babble on and on and on...

Saturday, October 23, 2004


So camping was really fun! And I didn't expect it to be. I was totally suprised. I did get some knitting done too, if not a whole lot. I hiked up Vernal Falls which was very dry at the time

and once I got to the top... me and the ex-boy (sad, but not devastared sad. I am very ok with it. not ment to be type of thing)

and ahh beautiful half dome!

but the cool part! Here's my knitting from the trip, starting with my first hour in the car, and the second picture is by the time we got back. I got a whole side done!

I think that about sums it up, except this was the trip that i really realized the end was near for me and the boy. It was kinda like, he didn't look at me the way someone should who is crazy about me. Good reason, its because he wasn't. It's strange, we're both attracted to each other and really like each other, but just the vital "crazy about you factor" is missing. Sigh... oh well, it didn't end on bad terms, and he is a wonderful person. He just won't get a sweater from me for Christmas. But I am glad to be blogging again. next post: Puerto Rico